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Kate's game is through to the finals of the BAFTA Young Games Designer Competition

Congratulations to Kate in Year 12 whose entry called 'Dicing With Destiny' has reached the finals of the 15-18 Game Concept category of this national competition.

The game is a simulation/action-adventure hybrid set in a fantastical world, where the main character, Caesar, manages his restaurant in the day by completing orders and experimenting with ingredients to create dishes. However, the village is unaware that at night he transforms into a beast, which he uses to his advantage by foraging for resources and finding ingredients for his cooking.

As a finalist Kate will receive a series of exclusive masterclasses; digital mentorship and careers advice from industry experts plus a bundle of games goodies from YGD partners.  She is invited to attend a special showcase event at BAFTA’s Headquarters in London.  She also recently talked to Radio Kent about her entry.

The public are able to see all the finalists' games on July 2 at the BAFTA Young Games Designers Showcase (at the BAFTA Headquarters) as well as in the Science Museum's Power Up experience. 

It was really great to see all that passion and hard work pay off- I really enjoyed the process of designing my character and seeing him on a website is amazing! I am thinking about going into concept art after school, so this has been a great opportunity to see what I have to offer and what I can do.

Kate, year 12


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