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Initial plant survey undertaken at meadow

 A small group met at the meadow and took part in some initial plant survey work along the meadow's edge where one species of large dragonfly and two species of damselfly have recently been sighted.

The results are presented in the spreadsheet below: 

Students noticed that at most station points there is dominance of just three or four species, but the good news is that there is a broad diversity of species along the meadow edge as a whole. 

We will continue regular surveys to see progress. In time, if the yellow rattle is doing it's job, we should see more even distribution of all species plus the additional species that are (so far) only present in the rest of the meadow. 

The team's next job is removing excess growth around the tree saplings next to the scrape.

Thank you to the team! 

Mr Barker, Assistant Head Teacher and Teacher of Biology