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CAS Story: Joshua, Year 12

As part of my CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), I provided a service by volunteering at a yard in my local community. I helped the yard by carrying out a variety of tasks such as riding and exercising horses, tacking up horses, washing horses, cleaning tack etc.

When riding and exercising horses, I created plans and exercises for the horses - serving as the 'creativity' component of CAS. Riding the horses formed the 'activity' component.

Over the Easter break, I volunteered at the stables every day, starting at around 8:30 AM and finishing at around 12 PM. I helped exercise three horses on a daily basis. For me, volunteering at the stables daily during school holidays was the most effective way to build a CAS programme. This is because I could exercise the same horses more regularly which meant I could keep track of each horse and better understand the needs of each horse.  I think it is very satisfying to see the horses progress step by step and knowing that I am part of their development makes it very special. I look forward to the next school holiday when I can once again, volunteer at the stables daily.

Joshua, Year 12