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Sixth Form Latin students discuss their literature text with Dr Kearey from St John's College, Cambridge

The Classical Conversations initiative recently afforded Year 12 and 13 IB Latin students the chance to discuss their literature text with Dr Talitha Kearey  via a Zoom lecture and Q&A. Dr Kearey from St John's College shared her expertise on the Aeneid by Virgil.

This was an amazing lecture about the ideas of closure throughout the Aeneid. It really helped broaden my thinking when exploring a text as well put together as Virgil’s Aeneid, especially about the idea of endings that Virgil employs throughout the entirety of the text.

It was enjoyable finding out more about context and ideas explored in the text presented by someone who was not only incredibly talented but also passionate about their work, which I found inspiring. I hope there are further opportunities similar to this in the future as they are a great way to discover new ways of thinking about the works we study as well as connecting with people who are passionate in the same areas.

Overall, it was a fantastic lecture providing a deeper insight into a piece of work.

Madeleine, Year 12

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