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Year 12 vs 13 Football Match: Year 12s edge out Year 13s in a seven-goal thriller ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

On Friday 3  March, the school hosted its termly Year 12 vs Year 13 football match. This game was especially important as it was the last 12v13 football match for the leaving Year 13s.

The game kicked off at the start of lunchtime and produced a great turnout from the respective year groups.

The Year 12 team won the 4-3 game with a late winner from Mohammed in the dying moments of the game to secure the win. The game started off with multiple quick attacks from Year 13s resulting in a penalty from a handball in the box to make the game 1-0. Off from the goal the Year 12s defence was beaten again by Ashley subsequently leading to a 2-0 head start. However, just before half-time, Rafferty from Year 12 lobbed the keeper to grab one back.

Following on from the break the Year 12s started off strong with some fresh legs to reinforce the struggling backline. From this, the Year 12s were able to mount some strong attacks which resulted in two goals from Freddie. The Year 12’s dominance continued with some near misses. However, the celebrations quickly stopped when Ashley yet again moved the ball up from midfield onto the wing and slotted it past the goalkeeper at a tight angle. With the score at 3-3 tensions were high and limited time was left. With some more substitutions to the Year 12s they were able to manage out the rest of the game. This led to a cross-in from Alfie which was not cleared away properly and was slotted away by Mohammed. This last-minute goal meant that the year 12s triumphed over the departing year group and celebrations lasted some time.

This game meant a lot to both year groups with the sheer determination shining through to create a thrilling game. Some statements from the players are shown below:

“It was very exhilarating and signified the end of an era with the Year 13s leaving and the beginning of a prosperous new beginning.”

Suleiman, Year 12

“I personally enjoyed the thrill throughout the entire game. Everyone was really competitive, and it felt amazing to win”

Mohammed, Year 12

“I know my player of the match”

Freddie, Year 12

This game meant a lot for both years  and helped everyone in the teams to bond and cooperate well in a team. Resulting in a newfound respect for both years with the captain of the Year 13 team, Ashley wishing the current Year 12’s luck against their new rivals.

By Tom, Year 12