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Meet Anakin

A warm welcome to the newest member of our School community, Anakin the Sixth Form Wellbeing Dog.

We interviewed him to find out how he's settling in: 

What are you looking forward to most in your new role? 

Settling in and getting to know everyone in the Sixth Form Office! It’s a very busy place with the Director of Sixth Form, Curriculum Directors, CAS Co-ordinator, UCAS Co-ordinator, Team Administrator and the Student Support Co-ordinator in one place! This means that students are always popping in and out of the office so I already feel part of a bigger team.   

What's special about the Sixth Form at TGS?

The IB is a very full and rewarding programme so I have been learning that the students here are always very busy and there is so much going on!  There is always something happening and this makes being here feel very exciting. 

What do you enjoy most about being at TGS?   

The students!  I like to potter about in the study rooms in the IBarn and check in with everyone with Mrs McMurray.  Sometimes students need to give me a little cuddle, sometimes I just relax with them at social time. 

What has been your favourite moment so far at TGS ? 

I’m still very new but so far I think Mr Noel is awesome at tummy tickling. I like to let him know this by sitting on his feet. 



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