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2 Gold, 8 Silver and 11 Bronze awards in Senior Physics Challenge

Well done to the Y12 Physicists who entered the Senior Physics Challenge run by the British Physics Olympiad.

They should be proud of themselves as they have shown they have a good understanding of some tricky concepts. Between them they achieved 11 Bronzes, 8 Silvers and 2 Golds!

This will set them in good stead for future competitions.

Mrs Boddy, Subject Leader Physics

We enjoyed participating in the Physics challenge, it was a great opportunity to apply physics and test our logic.

elizabeth and Nicole, year 12 gold winners (Pictured) 

What a fabulous achievement despite some of the questions being on topics we have not yet covered! They used the skills learnt through studying the IB of how to apply their knowledge to a multitude of problem-solving situations. 

Mrs Boddy, Subject Leader Physics

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