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Celebrating our Library and its recent refurbishment

We were delighted to invite guests to the Library to celebrate its place at the heart of our school and to give thanks to those, including author and alumna Victoria Hislop, who have made the Library’s recent refurbishment possible.  

The event brought together people who are passionate about the Library and who understand how important it, and our dedicated Librarian, are in supporting young people to develop fundamental life skills such as reading and research.   

Mrs Maloney, School Librarian explains more:  

“This summer saw a complete rejuvenation of the Library, out went the computers (replaced with the flexibility of laptops) and in moved the plants. This afternoon was an opportunity to give thanks. Thanks to Victoria Hislop (TGS Alumna) and our Enrichment Fund who together have financed this redevelopment. Their money has bought books and allowed us to change the atmosphere in the room, to introduce a more relaxing and focused space. A group of year 11 students have chosen to commemorate one of their classmates, who was a very keen student librarian, by creating a cosy corner in her memory. Thanks to British Garden Centres who have generously helped us on our journey to green TGS. Our Library does not sit quietly in a corner, it sings from the heart of the school. 

I am proud to meet parents, share our space and hear students talk about what the Library means to them. I am merely the custodian and am only able to provide this magic due to the generosity of parents and alumni. If you were not able to join us this time, then hopefully you will have an opportunity to visit soon”. 


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