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An opportunity to speak to neuroscientists and see brain imaging technology in action

Year 13 IB Psychology students recently visited UCL's Centre for Neuroimaging, where they saw brain imaging technology in action and spoke to neuroscientists about their research and career paths.

They also visited The Wellcome Collection, a museum which explores health and the human experience. Here are some of the comments from the students:

The fascinating part of the day for me was viewing the MRI technology and learning about the medical applications the researchers at UCL are looking to achieve with MRI.

I had the experience to see first-hand how the MRI and MEG machines worked. I found this fascinating as we learnt about the technology behind them and how they worked and were shown examples of how scientists aim to advance the technology over the coming years.

I enjoyed our trip to the Wellcome Centre and our tour around it. I felt that I learned a lot about psychology in a way we had not experienced before, in which our discussions with people in that career described their journey to their current position. It was fascinating to find how many different fields of expertise were utilised, even within a small sample of experts, and how they all contribute to furthering our knowledge of the brain and behaviour.

I thoroughly enjoyed the field trip to London as I feel that a hands-on and immersive learning experience is always useful when consolidating learning.