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Visit by Dr Pearson, Senior House Officer, Gastroenterology

MedSoc members enjoyed a visit from Dr Pearson, a TGS alumna, who provided them with an insight into her work as a Senior House Officer in Gastroenterology.

Lucy and Ellie , Year 12, review her visit:

Here at TGS we have multiple students who are aspiring to go into the medical industry in the future.  Year 10-13 were lucky enough to receive a visit from ex-student, Harriette Pearson, who is now a fully qualified doctor, and listen to her talk about her experience so far.

In her lunchtime lecture, we learnt about many aspects of her life as a doctor and what it has taken for her to get this far.  She discussed her experience in the sixth form at TGS and how the IB prepared her for university life. 

Dr Pearson 

We were all greatly reassured as she emphasised how useful the IB was when managing the work load and the independent learning style that she experienced at university, as well as how it was helpful when adapting to the fast paced, persistent life of a medicine student.   She explained that throughout her time in sixth form doing the IB she obtained many valuable skills that set her aside from other students allowing her to transition and cope with university life better than others.

Dr Pearson also helpfully advised us on the interview process and provided many useful tips that she had used to succeed in them.

 Another aspect of her lecture was a diary entry of her day at work the previous day.  We found it extremely insightful as she gave a neutral insight into the life of a doctor.  As hopeful medical students many of us agreed that it was “refreshing to have an honest unbiased opinion on a doctor’s life that hasn’t been glorified and unrealistically portrayed”. (Ellie, year 12).  

She explained to us the highs and lows of the job and highlighted that although being a doctor and helping people can be a highly rewarding responsibility, it can also take a toll on your mental health and that that is something that you as a person will need to learn to manage.

Dr Pearson’s answers to all our questions was really helpful and we all really appreciate Dr Pearson giving up her time to talk to us as her information was invaluable and informative.

Tilly, Year 13