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Alumna studying Industrial Design inspires students

Jaime (Class of 2022) is studying Industrial Design at the University of Loughborough and shortly will head to Switzerland for her 12-month internship at Bosch. 

Jaime’s visit to school this term has been an inspiration to Design Technology students and her teachers.

Jaime spoke to three different groups of students. She was still talking three hours later, squeezing in more inspirations and tips, as morning school came to a close.    

How can we thank you enough for giving up your time to give our students such a valuable insight into life into Sixth Form at TGS and beyond. It was clear that what you spoke about was relevant and interesting to our students. All credit to you for impeccable preparation, and honest and enthusiastic delivery. Mr Seedhouse and I are in awe at the progress that you have made (not that we ever doubted you would do well!) but you really have made the most of every opportunity you have found, and it was a clear message that only you are responsible for making opportunities, and not waiting for them to be handed to you! We really do wish you ALL the best for your year at Bosch and do please stay in touch so that we can update ourselves and students with your progress.  

Mrs Ryde Teacher Design Technology