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Be the very best you can be

Academic success is only part of the TGS story. Empowering young people with the understanding, courage and skills they need to be successful, happy, healthy and resilient in an ever-changing world has equal focus. Students learn how to learn, think critically and be positive agents for change; all in an environment where they can really be themselves.


We are a high achieving selective grammar school with academy status, educating girls between the ages of 11 and 16 and girls and boys in the Sixth Form.

Our vibrant school community is a place where students and staff are encouraged to be the very best that they can, in a nurturing and kind climate where wellbeing is at the top of the agenda.

Rated as "Outstanding" by Ofsted, our intellectually challenging curriculum creates an environment where questioning, divergent thinking and freedom to learn from mistakes are encouraged.  

Rosemary Joyce, Head Teacher

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    Year 13

    We are encouraged to engage with the Sixth Form team, offering ideas about how to improve and develop the school community. This means that our experience is largely shaped by us. I think that this is unique to TGS and that the students here have a strong voice and are connected with staff.

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     I feel particularly motivated to be involved in the TGS Marvellous Meadows project as I am passionate about getting young people to engage with nature; I also believe that this project will demonstrate that rewilding small areas can have a big impact. It can act as a model for other schools to develop their green spaces and re-wild local areas; this may encourage students and staff to use similar methods in their gardens and surrounding areas.  

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    Year 8

    The thing I enjoy most about TGS is meeting new people, making new friends and learning new things. I never learnt Latin, Geography or many other subjects at primary school, so it is really fun and interesting for me.

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    Year 13

    Never before have I met such a diverse range of talented, intelligent, friendly people as I have at the Sixth Form at TGS. Each student is aspiring to do so many interesting things in the future and many of them are already doing fascinating things. I find this environment has inspired me and that is what is so special about TGS.

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    Dr Emmanuel

    Teacher of Biology and STEM Co-ordinator

    I believe that the IB Diploma equips young scientists with the research skills they need at university and beyond, providing them with the chance to solve real-world problems in an international context.

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    Year 10

    What I love about TGS is the amazing friendships I have formed here. Over the years I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones, and I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a brilliant group of people.

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    Mr Noel

    Teacher of English and TOK Coordinator

    The IB Diploma prepares students well for life after school. The fact is we only have a vague idea of what challenges the students of today will be facing in their future. This means the only sensible system of education is one which equips students to be reflective learners and to cultivate the skills and values which will make them dynamic and flexible in facing these issues. I think the IB does this through its broad academic curriculum and emphasis on a value-based education.

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    Year 11

    I am passionate about STEM and I hope to have a career related to it after going to university. However, I am also interested in Law so hopefully I will be able to marry the two disciplines together in the future. Also, I really want to travel the world after leaving TGS and during my career, I would like to have the chance to immerse myself in other cultures and languages.

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    Mrs Davis

    Head of Sixth Form

    The supportive, inclusive atmosphere in our Sixth Form enables our students to meet their potential and to have the confidence to think ‘Why not me?’.

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    Year 10

    I loved going skiing with all my friends and the teachers on the ski trip. Singing with the school choir in Southwark Cathedral was also a very special memory.

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    Dr Marshall

    Subject Leader Psychology

    I choose to teach in an IB school because the philosophy is really aligned with what I think education should be all about. The IB programmes in the middle years and the Sixth Form are academically rigorous and encourage students to think critically. I value being part of a learning community which is culturally aware with an international outlook. 

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    Alumna, Class of 1953

    I loved Maths at school and played lots of cricket and tennis.I chaired the Student Council that designed the school badge as we know it today.

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    Miss Stanley

    SENCo and Teacher of Mathematics

    We, as a school, have a great sense of community. Each person is unique but we are able to gel together and still celebrate our differences. TGS is very caring – with everyone often coming the help of others.

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    Mr Wheelhouse

    Subject Leader Languages

    The variation in the school community is what I enjoy most about teaching at TGS. I think we're really lucky to have staff and students with so many different backgrounds and approaches to living and learning. I think that's something to be respected and harnessed.

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