Year 12 – Parent Questionnaire (Nov. 2014)

Please answer each of the following questions by selecting the answer that most closely represents your view. If you would like to make any further comments, please do so in the space provided at the end of the questionnaire. This questionnaire is anonymous but you do have the option to leave your contact details if you wish.

Do you believe that the school supports access for all students to the IB Diploma programme and philosophy through the information and guidance provided during the admissions process? *
Were you provided with sufficient information and guidance about the IB Diploma programme before your daughter/son embarked upon the course? *
Do you now understand the structure of the IB Diploma programme encompassing academic subjects, the core of CAS, Theory of Knowledge, and Extended Essay? *
Do you believe your daughter/son received sufficient information with regards to school procedures, accessing school facilities and pastoral and academic support in their first term in the Sixth Form? *
If you attended the information event in September, did you find it useful? *
If you have had any communication with the school regarding your daughter/son’s academic progress, behaviour or pastoral concerns in the first term, did you find this helpful? *
Do you believe that the school has sufficient systems in place to guide and counsel students through the IB Diploma programme? *
The IB Diploma Programme
The IB Diploma programme is considered a rigorous educational programme. In your opinion, up to this point, has your daughter/son been able to balance their time at home with academic and social commitments? *
Do you believe that by following the IB Diploma programme it will increase your daughter/son’s chances of getting into their favoured university course? *
Would you recommend the IB Diploma programme to someone else with a similar academic background to your daughter/son based on their experience so far? *
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