What does a typical School Experience at our school consist of?

A typical day at our school consists of participants arriving by 8:30am and signing into the main reception. Their ID and DBS documents are checked and they are given a lanyard with a specific colour so staff know who they are. They are then asked to stay in reception while they are handed timetables and meet their Subject Link. Official lessons start at 8:50, but we ask them to come earlier as this gives them time to meet the department staff and other people on the course.

The participants will observe lessons and also have free time in order to discuss teaching as a career, and complete tasks that will help them in the interview process.

Here is a list of some of the tasks that they may be asked to complete when they are not observing lessons:

  • Task 1 - Write me an essay about why your subject should be taught in the national curriculum.

  • Task 2 - Research what is the difference between setting, streaming and mixed ability.

  • Task 3 - A group task called the Zin Obelisk to assess ability to work in a group.

  • Task 4 - Personal statement template guidance.

  • Task 5 - Prepare answers to common teacher interview questions.

  • Task 6 - Participants will be asked to ‘hit the books’ and work through some A-level books.

  • Task 7 - Given a template they will have to plan a lesson on their chosen topic.

  • Task 8 - Prepare answers to scenarios that are real life situations that a teacher may encounter in the classroom.

  • Task 9 - Write me an essay on what are the characteristics of an outstanding teacher

  • Task 10 - Research the curriculum and how it is changing

We believe that observation on its own is not enough to fully prepare candidates for interview, so we set up these tasks to further develop their understanding of the job that we do and to expose them to some of the daily challenges and decisions that we have to make.