Website Privacy and Cookies Policy

Why do we collect information on our website?

We, at Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS), collect and use information from our website in a way that complies with GDPR.

Use of information

We use information provided by you to:

Deliver our website to you.

  • Respond to any enquiries you make.

  • Register you for an event.

  • Process applications to the Sixth Form.

  • Subscribe you to a list to receive updates about a specific topic.

  • Gather stories about your time at TGS and post TGS.

  • Analyse how you use the website (if you specifically agree to this).

Categories of information that we collect and hold:

We collect and hold information provided by you about yourself and/or your child including:

  • Contact information.

  • Information relating to your enquiry.

How your information is managed

  • Information provided is managed in accordance with our ‘Privacy Notice for Parents and Students of Tonbridge Grammar School’.

  • If the information provided is in relation to joining our Sixth Form it will be managed in accordance with our ‘Privacy Notice For Applicants to Tonbridge Grammar School Sixth Form’. 

  • The display and labeling of images of students is managed in accordance with our ‘Use of Images of Students Policy’.

  • If the information you provide is to tell us your ‘Alumni Story’, information provided is managed in accordance with our TGS Connections Privacy Policy.

Information about how you browse our website

Our website is hosted by Squarespace.  This website uses cookies and similar technologies, which are small files or pieces of text that download to a device when a visitor accesses a website or app. 

Squarespace uses two different kinds of cookies:

Functional and required cookies

These functional and required cookies are always used, which allow Squarespace, our hosting platform, to securely serve this website to you. 

 Squarespace collects personal data when you visit this website, including: 

  • Information about your browser, network and device. 

  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this website.

  • Your IP address.

Squarespace needs the data to run this website, and to protect and improve its platform and services. Squarespace analyses the data in a de-personalised form. 

Analytics and performance cookies

These analytics and performance cookies are used on this site, as described below, only when you acknowledge our cookie banner. We use analytics cookies to view site traffic, activity, and other data.

Personal Data/Analytics  

This website collects personal data to power our site analytics, including: 

  • Information about your browser, network, and device.

  • Web pages you visited prior to coming to this website.

  • Your IP address.

This information may also include details about your use of this website, including: 

  • Clicks

  • Internal links

  • Pages visited

  • Scrolling

  • Searches

  • Timestamps 

We share this information with Squarespace, our website analytics provider, to learn about website traffic and activity. 

 More detailed information about the cookies Squarespace use can be found here

Storing information

We store the information you provide securely on computer systems, the Squarespace website user interface and also on paper.


If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact the Operations Manager at or our Data Protection Officer:

Judicium Consulting Ltd
72 Cannon Street