Universities and the IB

The IB Diploma is a recommended programme of study if you are thinking of progressing to university. Students currently at University have reported that the IB Diploma Programme fully prepared them to undertake their degree with ease.

IB and Higher Education

A recent report on the progress of IB Diploma students in higher education published by Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) compares the outcomes of IB Diploma with those of A-Level students in a number of key areas. The advantages of an IB Diploma are clear.


IB Diploma students:

  • are more than twice as likely to enroll at one of the UK’s top 20 universities.
  • are nearly twice as likely to succeed in application for courses in Medicine and Dentistry.
  • are significantly less likely to drop out of courses.
  • are 30% more likely to a gain first-class honours degree.
  • are twice as likely to continue with further study after the first degree.
  • have significantly higher starting salary, after university.

Download the Full Report or Summary Report.


The IB was great preparation for university and I feel that it may be one of the reasons why I coped so well with university life. It teaches students to organise their time efficiently by juggling an increased work load with sports, hobbies as well as other commitments such as prefect duties.