Theory of Knowledge

The Theory of Knowledge course is part of the core of the IB diploma and is therefore a compulsory component. Theory of Knowledge aims to develop a fascination with the richness of knowledge as a human endeavour, and an understanding of the empowerment that follows from reflecting upon it.

It encourages you to reflect on your experiences as learners, in everyday life and in the Diploma Programme, and to make connections between academic disciplines.

I really enjoy Theory of Knowledge as I feel it challenges our perceptions and opinions, therefore allowing us to explore what our views are on topics that are all around us.

Theory of Knowledge challenges you to question the basis of knowledge, considering how knowledge is acquired in different subject disciplines; comparing and contrasting them. The application of these skills varies according to subject, and you might examine, for example, how reasoning in Mathematics is similar to, and different from, that in the Natural Sciences; or the emotional and/or rational bases for ethical decision making.

Theory of Knowledge provides an opportunity to discuss and debate key questions and current issues in the world. The range of questions appeals to all interest groups and really challenges what we think we already know.