Researching the BAE Systems

Around 70 TGS students are currently working to build a prototype Flight Simulator, in order to progress through the Falcon Initiative national competition, and hopefully become one of the three schools selected to produce a working model. In order to build on our current ideas, and consult experts on finer design details, some of our team went to BAE Systems in Rochester. We were taken to see the design and build of aircraft components, such as HUDs (Heads Up Display) and manual controls. Being shown the processes necessary to complete these builds taught us about the detail and level of precision needed to create a working aircraft, and gave us ideas on how to fine tune the designs for our own simulator. Alongside this tour, we were introduced to BAEs own working simulator, which supports around 50 different types of aircraft. Being able to test and use this simulator was really helpful, seeing how the controls worked when put together with all the other equipment. We were introduced to the different types of technology BAE use in their simulator, and were able to ask all of our questions. Overall it was very informative, and as well as improving points we already had, we were able to learn new things and most importantly - have fun!