We provide a wide and varied STEM enrichment program, available to local primary, secondary and specialist schools.  This runs jointly with part of the IB curriculum (CAS).  Here are just some of the opportunities we offer:

Some of our Y12s share the fun side of STEM with local young adults with learning difficulties.   Once a week, the young adults come into school and take part in fun and fulfilling science lessons.  A very rewarding experience for all involved.

We also organise and run an annual primary Maths Challenge.  This is open to teams of year 5 and year 6 students from local primary schools.

Tonbridge Grammar School is the local STEM hub for the MicroBit Model rocket car race programme and will be hosting races for 12 teams, representing local schools, on the week beginning 6th June. Rocket car kits are modified by the teams to run faster and the times entered on to a national leader board. The goal is simple – the thirty fastest teams to compete the Model Rocket Car Challenge go to the final to be held at Santa Pod Raceway on June 30th.