What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These four subjects are often taught in isolation; however all the disciplines are closely intertwined in the real world. STEM activities aim to reflect and enhance this integration.

We aim to enhance the curriculum delivered at TGS through a variety of lunchtime clubs and projects and well as encouraging participation in external competitions and courses. We have an up to date STEM board situated on the way to Physics with flyers and other information for you to take home.

Below you will find just some of the STEM activities which take place in our school.  Click on the title to find out more.

 Latest STEM News

Meet some of our ‘STEM Alumni’


CLUB                             YEARS                

Chemistry Olympiad             12-13                        

Falcon Project                        7-13                        

Science Club                           7-8     

STEM Club                             9-11                    

MedSoc                                 11-13                            

Physics Olympiad                     12-13                                

lego league                            7-10

A Big Thank You...

The Science department is very grateful to the School Fund, which continues to support its enrichment and enhancement program as well as its curriculum.  In 2016, we were bought 30 ipads; 2 sets of 15.  These have proved invaluable to our science lessons, used daily in all year groups.  They are used in years 7-9 as part of our curriculum teaching to promote independent learning; 10-13 for research and revision and in Y12-13 also for IB coursework.  They are especially useful for Y11 and 13 when revising for the external exams. 

In 2018, the Physics department benefitted from 12 extra power supplies bought with School Fund money.  Physics uses 4 science rooms for years 9-11 and now for the first time, all 4 have a class set of power supplies, which are used in multiple Physics experiments.  

Further, Science Club has been able to run the British Science Association’s Flagship programme, the Crest awards, with year 7-9 students taking part in the bronze and silver award scheme.  This is the first time this has run for at least 5 years and something we hope to be able to continue.

We receive lots of information about STEM courses which run thoroughout the year, including the school holidays and STEM competitions, many of which come with a monetary prize.   The best place to find information about these is the STEM notice board, where you can take a flyer.




Other STEM Projects