Wellbeing at the heart of the Sixth Form

I’m a current year 13 and head student for years 6/7. I have been at TGS since year 7 so I’ve benefitted from the fantastically strong support system during my 7 years here. Throughout the school we have an active and attentive staff who do all that they can in order to make life as easy as possible for us so that students can work to their full potential and flourish in this academically stimulating environment.   There’s also a dedicated Sixth Form Staff Team.  The caring and nurturing surroundings with your wellbeing at its heart covers all aspects of school life, let me tell you about some them.  

During your time in Sixth Form, there may well be times when things don’t go so well. Problems arise that set you back, you might find something tough, lose your motivation, or wonder if you’re on the right track, it happens to us all. Well rest assured, our pastoral team here are second to none, and makes it their business to help you along, there’s always a friendly face and attentive ear to get you back on track. Form tutors are the face you see every day, there to welcome you, encourage you and help you on the journey to wherever you want to get to. They’ll arrange mentor reviews at regular intervals throughout your two years, providing a chance to get together one to one and talk through how things are going. If there’s a problem, they can flag it up early and help you to overcome it, they seem to have answers to everything, and I mean everything.  

So what happens when you get stuck, you’re dealing with something really tricky in class and you just don’t get it? Trust me I can most definitely put my hand up and say that I’ve been in that position, feeling like the only one who doesn’t understand. There are many ways to deal with this: doing nothing or panicking, or you can tackle it and sort it out. Your teacher is there to help in lessons, or if that doesn’t fit, you could go to subject clinics, ran by the teachers at lunchtimes, which is a great place to run through things again and take a second look.  

Another way of helping you out with schoolwork is the mentoring system, where year 13s taking the subjects can help Year 12s out in specific topics, which is not only a big help, but is also a great way to integrate both years and make friends with older students.  

UCAS support is provided, and many information talks are given to inform you of post sixth form options and Uni tips. It doesn’t stop there - being an Oxbridge applicant myself, I have benefitted from the useful interview preparation sessions and close support at every stage of application.  

So there it is.  Now I can’t promise that it will be all smooth sailing, there’ll be hiccups along the way, times of uncertainty, times of “what on earth am I doing with my life”, but trust me, you are in the right place.  

And if ever there was a place where you could have an amazing two years, make friendships that will last forever, push yourself to your academic limit, whilst still hanging on to your sanity, this is it.

Jasmine, Year 13