The School Fund

School Fund, a voluntary financial scheme supported by parents, alumni and friends of the School, is a vital resource enabling our students to receive an outstanding, varied and stimulating educational experience.

The annual state grant is sufficient for very basic core teaching and learning costs, so it is essential that the School supplements this with funding from other sources. The School Fund supports opportunities and extra-curricular activities which encourage learning and make it exciting, inspiring and relatable to students.

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In the past year the School Fund’s impact has been wide ranging:

  • The running and maintenance costs of the school minibus, which is used to transport students to numerous off-site activities including sports fixtures.
  • Fifteen new iPads for the Science department.
  • Language assistants, who give students opportunities to practice speaking in French and Spanish.
  • School planners for all students.
  • Replacement of equipment across all subject areas.
  • Replacement of worn out school furniture.
  • Music clubs and enrichment activities.
  • Sports clubs and competitions.
  • Careers advice for students.

Everyone can help. By registering support for the aims of School Fund through our website parents enable us to demonstrate parental engagement when applying for funding elsewhere.

School Fund gifts range from £20 as a single gift to over £100 a month; as an example £30 a month - just £1 a day – makes a significant difference to the experience we believe TGS students deserve. Regular giving programmes enable us to plan for affordable expenditures however all gifts, large or small, make a difference.

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This year we have an important, additional aim of making much needed improvements to our school library with new resources and a librarian. All new gifts to the School Fund this year will be used to support initial upgrades and regular gifts will be essential to ensuring the sustainability of the project. To find out more about Project Library, click here.