The School Fund

School Fund, which enhances the learning and experience of all students, is administered in confidence by the Development Office under the direction of the Governing body and the Head Teacher.

The School Fund is generously supported by parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of TGS. The majority of those who currently donate, are kind enough to do so as a regular monthly giving programme, which really helps us plan for the academic year ahead. £30 a month - just one pound a day - makes a significant difference to the experience we believe TGS students deserve. If you can give more, wonderful, if one pound a week is more realistic for you, it will all count. Participation is key, not the amount and every single penny feeds into the extra efforts of staff and students and enables them to strive towards making TGS a proud, relevant and world - class school. To support the School Fund, click here.

Those families who are not in a position to give monetarily are asked to register their support for the Fund - a unified, committed front is vital when the Development Director speaks to those outside the School to apply for grants or funding in this increasingly difficult climate. Each and every gift to School Fund enriches the lives of the students at school this year as well as the lives of those who follow them.

To support the School Fund, click here

The amount kindly donated by parents, grandparents, alumni and other friends of the School each year is used to meet essential items that are not affordable from the 'core' curriculum grant, and include the costs of:

  • The purchase, running and maintenance costs of a school minibus
  • School performances and concerts
  • The replacement, upgrade and further enhancement of teaching and learning resources and equipment across the School
  • Upgrades to the fabric of facilities – such as Science laboratories in 2012 / 2013 and the Mitchener Hall in 2014 / 2015
  • Equipping the IBarn building in 2015
  • Equipping the refurbishments to Music in 2015

Thanks to the increasing number of regular giving programmes, School Fund forecasts collections several months in advance, enabling the forward planning of priority projects and expenditures.