Strategic Vision 2016 - 2021

Tonbridge Grammar School is a centre of excellence for learning where students and staff are encouraged to be the very best they can be in a nurturing and kind community. Our enriching, academically ambitious curriculum promotes intellectual curiosity and personal growth, preparing students to mature as responsible global citizens. Our exceptionally dedicated staff support every student to success.  

We are committed to:

  • Developing opportunities for every student to learn through real world engagement - promoting collaboration, intercultural understanding and entrepreneurial endeavour.

  • Building the resilience and confidence of every student so that they have the emotional literacy to make healthy life choices, flourish and be happy.

  • Strengthening our community - securing strong, collaborative relationships with parents, alumni and the wider community.

  • Promoting educational aspiration and supporting social mobility - making a positive difference to the life chances of students at and beyond the School.

  • Investing in world class professional development - demonstrating best practice locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Being entrepreneurial in securing resources to realise our aspirations.

Members of our community are nurtured to be:

  • Self-motivated, open minded and actively engaged in learning.

  • Self-aware, adaptable and creative - taking full advantage of all opportunities.

  • Respectful and considerate - celebrating and encouraging in equal measure.

  • Courageous and honourable – facing challenge with bravery and acting with integrity.