Harry Potter Studios

We left school on the coach at around 8.50 on the 1st of October 2014 (Y split groups went on Tuesday). After travelling for about an hour and a half, we finally arrived at Harry Potter studios. The first activity we did was an introduction about how the film was made and a bit about it, which was shortly followed by the showing of the eight Harry Potter films in 5 minutes! One of the best bits was to come next though, as we finally got to enter Hogwarts and what a site it was!

The first stage of the tour was the great hall where Harry and his friends ate. After taking what seemed like millions of photos in the extravagant hall, the next stage was even better! We got to see some of the coolest scenes and props used in the Harry Potter films, including the Chamber of Secrets door, the dormitory where Harry, Ron and Hermione slept, the gates to Hogwarts and much more. Not only this, you could also get your picture taken in the car or on a broomstick of your choice in front of a green screen. The next great thing that we did was that we went outside and explored the houses, (number 4, privet drive) and the triple-decker night bus. As well as this, many people also tried butter beer. Some loved it, others were not so keen!

The second to last activity was going to see how the monsters were made, including how the masks were made and the sketches and models of all the scenes in the Harry Potter films. This was fascinating. The final activity was looking around the huge gift shop where people bought a huge variety of things ranging from the characters wands to the all flavours of jellybeans that included rotten egg, earthworm and ear wax!

Overall I thought this school trip was amazing and a magical experience – but to be fair what else would you expect?

Report by Kelsi Cornish