On 25th September ten Year 9 students went to “Teentech” at the River Centre in Tonbridge. This is a one-day event that aims to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. It is run by Maggie Philbin, of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ fame. There were about 30 schools there from Kent and everyone was very enthusiastic. We started with two challenges – a National Grid challenge where the girls had to decide on gas piping in the most economical way possible, and a Pfizer challenge where they had to test 4 tablets to see which one would work best as a truth drug for the Prime Minister. The main challenge was an apps challenge, where they had to think of an innovative idea for an app and present it to the room.

After lunch we were able to visit a whole host of different companies that had come to show what they did and how people could use their STEM subjects in the work done. These included robots, visual effects, electronics, 3D printing, aerospace, computer technology, etc. The girls loved watching a robot dance to music and winning headphones from JVC by smiling and frowning. Many of the companies had brought freebies to give the girls, and there were many prizes for different things. Seren Ford actually won a workshop for her and two friends with Pfizer to develop an innovative idea for the future using solar panels. It was a very productive day and the girls came away very enthused and keen for more.

“I found Teentech very inspirational and enjoyable. Lots of the activities that we got to do were very exciting and have given me a lot of ideas for the future. It was a great experience.”

Holly Hayward

“I found today both fun and informative. It has inspired me greatly about the careers you can pursue with engineering and technology.”

Tamara Boston

“I thought it was a great experience to meet so many specialised, high-tech engineers and be introduced to their work. I found the most interesting part of the day was meeting the actual people behind all these incredible inventions, and being able to ask them about their work and opinions.”

Rose Blyth

“The scientists, engineers and staff there were all very enthusiastic and there were loads of creative and innovative tasks that really made us think more about the future of science, technology and engineering. There were competitions, major companies were there (Samsung, Microsoft, JVC to name a few) and lots of freebies! It was a really inspirational day with lots of interesting thoughts and inventions ranging from cute robots to state of the art headphones to CGI and special effects. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone who loves to think big and would love a career in either science, technology or engineering!”

Lucy Wayne