Sixth Form

Sushi making, a tea ceremony and reflecting on Hiroshima : TGS Students visit Japan

This summer holiday 25 students from Year 11 to 13 travelled to Japan and toured around Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima for 10 days. They enjoyed a vast array of cultural activities, from visiting traditional shrines and temples and taking part in a tea ceremony, to shopping in the extremely modern Harajuku. They even took part in a very entertaining sushi making class.

In addition, the students were able to contribute the 1000 origami cranes that they folded beforehand to the rest of the display in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. They absorbed the cultural differences with great respect, and were always open to trying unfamiliar activities and foods.

You can read more about the cranes here.

Laying the wreath in Hiroshima was a very emotional experience for me. I had learnt a lot about the atomic bombing before the visit, but to physically be where the bomb hit, and to see in person what I had only seen in pictures was almost overwhelming.
— Maisie
Seeing the thousands of cranes others have made to honour the victims showed the compassion within Japanese culture and I would urge others to learn about as many cultures as possible as being able to see how others experience life opens doors in communication, allowing for deeper connections with people in the future.
— Lucy