Silver Duke of Edinburgh Training - a cold, invigorating, informative and thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

A cold, invigorating, informative and thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

On arrival at Blacklands Farm, the participants pitched their tents and the set off for the first part of their training. Map reading.

This was very in depth and covered the features on the map, timings, bearings, plotting a route, tick points and catch points. A significant step up in the learning from Bronze.

On return to the site and using a lot of the hints and tips that had been learned so far that day the teams were set the task of planning the routes for their qualifying expedition in the Forest of Dean.

After cooking the evening meal, it was on to rucksack packing and equipment management again with some great hints and tips from the experienced expedition leaders.

Day 2 started as usual with cooking breakfast and striking camp, it was then off on a mini expedition to put into practice all the had gained the day before. The participants were given the grid reference of their first check point only, given chance to make a plan, discuss it with one of the expedition leaders, clarifying tick points catch points timings etc. Then they were off. This would be repeated at every check point along the way.

All the teams completed the day in good spirits with no major issues. Their knowledge of everything involved in planning preparation and completion of an expedition greatly enhanced.

It was such a good weekend. Everyone got on really well and the routes were really pretty! Only low point was my tent crew was really cold at night but that was down to our sleeping bags”
— Molly, Year 12