Exploring Hindu philosophy, ethics, worship and architecture

On the 3rd May 2019, Year 8 visited the Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Temple, Neasden, for a R.S and Mathematics trip. When we got to the temple, I, and many others, were very surprised that such a beautiful and serene place was in the centre of London. When we first got in the building, I was amazed at the detail that had gone into the building of the Mandir. It was built from Bulgarian limestone on the outside, and Italian and Indian marble on the inside.

Next, we went to the “Maha-mandap” or the great hall and we took a few minutes to sit and enjoy the sacred statues whilst taking in the serenity and peace of the Mandir.

Finally, we visited the exhibition, which provides an educative insight into Hinduism through 3D dioramas, paintings, tableaux and traditional craftwork. I really enjoyed the exhibition as it was very informative, but it felt very interactive and I liked reading about all the aspects of Hinduism.

From the trip, we learned so much about Hinduism and we also enjoyed the experience so much. I hope to go back there one day- it is such an amazing place that I could never get bored of going there!

By Emily, Year 8