Year 7 students on 25km Easter Walk to raise money for their School Fund

Very well done and thank you to Year 7 students Menasvi and Riya who have raised a fantastic £855 for School Fund.

Menasvi and Riya took part in a 25km Easter Walk Challenge, starting at Windsor Castle Race Course and finishing their challenge 6 hours later, having walked to Windsor Castle and back again.

 Sharing their adventure at Year 7 assemblies they said:

 “One thing we both learnt from this experience is that endurance and patience is always needed to succeed in challenges. When we got to 5km and 10km our patience was slowly fading away and tiredness came in. Luckily the break stop was near-by. After that, 15km and 20km points flew by, but the last 5km was pushing us to the ends of our limits. The heat was unbearable and our shoes were dragging to the ground. But still we made it through with some ice cream and some water fountains.”

 “We have chosen to contribute to our School Fund to show our support. TGS School Fund contributes to the annual funding of a wide choice of enrichment opportunities available to all students and it also raises funds for longer term capital projects at Tonbridge Grammar School….. We would like to ask you to help us raise money for this wonderful fund”.

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