Fantastic feedback from the IB Art Exhibition

IB Visual Arts students’ work was showcased in an exhibition at Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells during March and April.

The Visitors Book showed just how much visitors had enjoyed the students’ art work, with responses and reactions from visitors from Sevenoaks to Italy, Tunbridge Wells to Los Angeles!

Beautiful, creative and inspiring works. I’m so impressed by the knowledge, understanding and the different materials used.

A total feast for the eyes and the mind.

Some of the concepts really made me think..

An amazing variety of techniques and media used by each artist showing real skill in different media – excellent work and rationale explaining their thought processes and development of ideas. 

Striking connection of work, as ever.

I am so impressed and inspired by the creativity and messages on display

The work is amazing, we would buy several pieces.  The standard is so high the concepts work so well. Inspirational. Well done all of you.

How very talented these students are.

So pleased that the public get to see this too.

An astonishing standard.