Waterfalls and elves; Year 10 Geography visit to Iceland

Iceland, a country of gorgeous waterfalls, a bridge between continents and your basic population of everyday elves….

Icelandic culture was one of the most amazing things to encounter on this trip. How their history of Vikings and Norse gods is integrated into their society and tourism in Reykjavík.

I noted the extreme contrast between the British traffic and urbanisation and the serene Icelandic roads with greenery and nature as far as I could see.

However, what was particularly interesting was the majority of the citizens’ belief in elves and their inhabitancy amongst the humans. This open-mindedness and unity of the population should truly be considered a thing of beauty.

But the nature, the nature itself- the untouched scenery defined the entire experience. The emotion of standing behind a waterfall, or on top of an actual glacier, is indescribable: getting drenched yet seeming to relish every second of it. Standing on a bridge between continents felt surreal, impossible yet a reality because I could feel the black sand in my shoes - it was worth it.

Even the simple nights just chatting and relaxing with friends completed the trip into a once in a lifetime experience, one that I will never forget.

By Zahra, Year 10