A Geography Masterclass on Environmental Responsibility and an insight into life at Cambridge

I visited Corpus Christi College in Cambridge last Thursday to attend a masterclass on ‘Environmental Responsibility’.

There were three lectures including economics, theology and archaeology, all linking to environmental change and how we can respond to it. The economics lecture was especially interesting; we talked about game theory and how this is represented through different countries’ carbon emission taxes, which was something completely new to me.

During lunch we were able to speak to current undergraduates at Cambridge - everyone was really friendly and we could ask any and as many questions as we wanted, no matter how trivial. After this we toured the college, giving us the opportunity to see all of the beautiful buildings that date back hundreds of years, as well as the places where students spend time to relax and study. The college was very inviting and I felt as though everyone knew each other really well, especially as it only has an intake of 90 students a year.

I think the main point that was put across when talking about applying there was that you need to have an honest passion for your subject. This means that you will enjoy what you are learning, and you will be surrounded by like-minded people who will encourage and inspire you to achieve as much as possible. The day has definitely made me more likely to apply to Cambridge and it was a really great experience.

By Hannah, Year 12

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