Spring Concert 2019

The TGS Spring Concert featured a feast of musical entertainment from the well-established choral singing of the three school choirs to orchestral music by Tchaikovsky and Beethoven to African Drumming, Salsa and Reggae. It also featured the debut of a talented Year 12 Band performing songs by Lorde and Bruno Mars. This year TGS invited students from Meadows Barnardo’s School in Southborough to participate in a two African Drumming workshops in the run up to the concert. In the concert students from TGS performed alongside the students from Meadows in two memorable performances of a South African Lamba dance and a sequence of tunes performed by the TGS Orchestra and Swing Band.  The evening culminated in a performance of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with massed Year 7 students singing in German and Spanish.

 Well done to performers in all the groups:

 Motet Choir, Cantores, Junior Choir, Orchestra, Swing Band, Ukulele Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir and the African Drumming Ensemble and the Year 12 and Staff Bands.

It was a wonderful event and it was really lovely to hear and watch everyone else perform. I really enjoy singing with Motet
— Fran, Year 11