An insight into life at Cambridge University

Year 11 and 12 welcomed student representatives from Queens College, Cambridge who spent an hour with them as part of their annual student roadshow. The hall was filled with curious Year 11 students, and a few committed Year 12s who all wanted to see what real Cambridge students were like! Obviously, we discovered they are perfectly normal humans and their passion for their subjects and the university really stood out.

The focus of their talk was about debunking many of the myths people hear about Cambridge University and celebrating all the fantastic opportunities on offer there beyond the academic including the Quidditch team and the vibrant comedy scene. The students also emphasised the welfare support on offer and raved about the College Parents scheme which involves being “married off” to a fellow student in the first year, and then in the second year adopting some first years as your “children”. This buddy system helped them make friends and ensured they always had a support network of students around them, as well as being able to go to the nurse, porters, tutors and other staff available in their college.

The detailed information from a student perspective was very valuable. For me, as someone who saw Oxbridge as perhaps unattainable, the talk showed how it most definitely is a possible goal, with the students outlining the application and interview processes clearly. The students who talked to us studied a variety of courses and they gave us an insight into their academic but also social life. The variety of fun things to do at Cambridge was pretty incredible (I was surprised at the amount of societies they had!) and their stories about college parents really made me laugh. Overall, it served to encourage me and other students to apply to these top universities. It was really very helpful to gain these insights and the atmosphere was very friendly and amiable; I felt like the speakers had a genuine care and interest to encourage everyone to apply, as it seems like a potentially life changing opportunity.”
— Gabby, Year 11