A glimpse into the world of film production from alumna Livvy Edwards

On 19th March, Students in Years 12 and 13 welcomed back alumna Livvy Edwards to speak about her experiences studying and working in the Film industry.

Livvy is a graduate of Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne University and is now a Production Assistant at DNEG Visual Effects, London

She remarked on how studying the IB at Tonbridge Grammar School has given her many skills which have supported her progress beyond school including writing essays at university, managing her time in her current job, and even gaining confidence in presenting a talk to a group of students!

Livvy described how her application for university had involved interviews and portfolio submissions which were valued just as highly as her IB predictions and for which her Extended Essay came in very handy. She loved the small community feel at Ravensbourne and raved about the super-curricular opportunities she had whilst there including visiting film festivals in Paris and Berlin.

Livvy emphasised to the students how a small amount of industry work experience, plus the part time hospitality job she had whilst studying showed her current employer DNEG, that she had the skills they wanted in a Production Assistant. Livvy clearly loves the cut and thrust of her job and is about to start work on the new Men in Black film. Although she admitted her current role is at the bottom of the ladder in her industry, the students were interested to discover that her wage allows her to live comfortably in a house share in London and should provide her with a pathway towards her eventual goal of becoming a scriptwriter or director.

Madeleine, a Year 12 student who attended the talk says: “Livvy spoke about her journey over the last few years from TGS to university and working in the film industry. Having studied the IB at TGS it was very easy for me to relate her position to mine and how her experiences are similar to mine. Her advice was helpful as it was relevant to the position I am in. Useful tips to do with things apart from school which helped shape her future were very interesting as well such as work experience and extracurricular activities. Livvy was very open to answer any questions we had even just about independence and Uni life in general. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear from someone who has pursued a creative subject within media after TGS “.

Jodie, also in Year 12 comments “Livvy was very engaging and enthusiastic during her talk on experiences at university and working in the media industry. She discussed the most enjoyable parts of her career including her rewarding accomplishments in successful films and the thrilling social aspects, as well as the challenges she faced such as heavy workloads and balancing her social life. For this reason, we appreciated her honesty about the reality of working to pursue your choice of career which was very informative”.