A Taste of University-level Philosophy for Sixth Formers

27 Sixth Form philosophy students traveled to Southampton University for a day of lectures on a wide range of philosophical topics. All TGS sixth form students have the opportunity to widen and enrich their knowledge and experience through first-hand learning experiences, including contact with current thinking in their IB Diploma subjects.

Ayesha in Year 12 explains more:

Our day began with a talk on “Should we count numbers? – Utilitarianism and the aggregation of benefits” by Dr. Alex Gregory, while some of us attended a talk by Dr Lee Walter on the question “Can we travel back in time?” Both talks were incredibly riveting and engaging, with the former being pertinent to our IB philosophy course. Next on the agenda was a ‘breakout session’; a recreation of a session that would take place after a university philosophy lecture, in which we discussed issues relating to how much we truly know about the world, and the ability to trust our senses with Dr Andrew Stephenson, the lecturer who also conducted a Year 12 'Blue Wednesday' enrichment talk on the rationality of religious faith.

 After lunch in the University canteen, we attended a talk by Dr Guilia Felappi on “What makes you the same person you were yesterday?” in which we grappled with the idea of personal identity. Finally, to conclude the day, we took part in a Q&A session regarding philosophy, philosophy at university, and university in general with Dr Stephenson.

 After an eventful and fascinating day filled with discussion and intellectual stimulation, we returned to Tonbridge with a rediscovered love of philosophy, and perhaps even a newfound desire to pursue the subject at university.

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