GCSE Students at Tonbridge Grammar School Achieve Exceptional Results.  

Students at Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS) are celebrating outstanding results again in a year which introduces the second tranche of the reformed, and more rigorous, numeric graded GCSEs.  The introduction of a new top grade of 9, for the vast majority of subjects, which sits above the threshold for A* is undoubtedly tough to achieve.  4 students achieved the top grade in all of their GCSE subjects and 17 students achieved grade 8+ across the board.  Subject results show 39 students achieving grade 9 (22.5%) in Mathematics and 45 pupils (26%) in English (Language or Literature); 18 students (10.4%) achieved a grade 9 in both subjects.  Overall, 57% of all GCSE results were at grade 8 (or A*) and above and 81.6% at grade 7 (or A) and above. 

Rosemary Joyce, Head Teacher at Tonbridge Grammar School, said:  ‘Congratulations to all our Year 11 students celebrating their results today.  I am absolutely delighted with their achievements and send my warmest congratulations to every one of them.  Undoubtedly the introduction of the reformed GCSEs has raised the academic bar and it fantastic to see the success of our students.  All of our students should feel justifiably proud of their achievements which reflect their exceptional hard work and commitment to their studies.  Congratulations also to the dedicated staff who support students to achieve such success.’

The grade per entry attained of 7.6 is outstanding.  Students achieved the highest grades in all subjects, in particular core disciplines where every student studies three sciences, two English subjects, and at least one language.  Mathematics results were exceptional with 97 students (56.1%) achieving a grade 8 or 9; 145 (83.8%) at grade 7 and above.  143 students (82.7%) gained grade 9, 8 or 7 in GCSE English (Language or Literature).  Students also achieved exceptionally high grades in GCSE Science and Modern Foreign Languages with the following figures reflecting the number of 8 or 9 grades in each discipline; French 42 (56%), Spanish 65 (56%), Biology 115 (68%), Physics 97 (57.4%) and Chemistry 112 (66.3%).