Annual Humanitarian Trip to Malawi 2018

Since 2011, Tonbridge Grammar School has formed close links with Humanitarian charities in Swaziland and Malawi. We aim to engage with real life projects, helping local communities to support and thrive, without the need for constant financial aid. Since 2013, several teams of 6th form students have travelled to Malawi to promote cultural exchange and help build much-needed class rooms, playground facilities, a feeding centre and an assembly hall. 

New School Facility in Chilleweni
Following the success of previous years, this summer two TGS teams (33 Year 12 students and 4 staff) are heading out to build a brand new school environment in Chilleweni, a small village south of Blantyre.  The teams have worked extremely hard with their fundraising, raising in excess of £21,0000! Thank you to all who have donated, this is a phenomenal amount. This will go a long way in buying building materials and paying the wages of professional local builders whom we will help to build the project.  In addition to the amazing fundraising, The Schools at Somerhill have very kindly helped us to kit out the new facility with school uniforms and educational supplies. 

Malawi Team 1 departed on the 17 July and arrived safely. Team 2 pick up where they leave off from the 31 July for a futher two weeks. 

While the teams are away they will be writing a daily blog. To find out more about their experience and follow their progress please read the links below. Any comments are read out to the teams just after dinner each evening (internet and connectivity permitting). Supportive comments are very important, especially if it’s been a tough day at the feeding centre or orphanage/medical centre. 

Team 1 depart 17th July returning 2nd Aug - Team 2 depart 31st July returning 17th Aug - 

Mr Ellis