We are delighted to have been awarded an IET and ImechE grant to allow us to start running TGS STIXX. 

TGS STIXX is a fun and innovative project to engage, enthuse and increase the understanding of primary and secondary school students in STEM subjects through “hands-on” mechanical engineering experiences. A STIXX machine, which works like a mangle, tightly rolls sheets of newspaper to form solid rods which when joined together with cable ties create very strong, simple or complex, small or large structures - strong enough to stand on and large enough to stand under.  To date TGS STIXX has been involved in lessons in all year groups as well as our Horizon outreach program and Year 8 STEAM week.

We would like to acknowledge Jeremy King for his help with this project.

TGS STIXX would like to share our equipment with any local schools free of charge should they wish to borrow a STIXX machine.  Please contact us for further information.