Race for the Line!


Recently Tonbridge Grammar School took part in the annual Bloodhound 'Race for the Line' competition. About two weeks before, Year 7 all got into teams of 3 or 4 and each team was given a blue Styrofoam block to shape and sand. Students had to try and make the most aerodynamic rocket car possible with the resources. They then added wheels and axels to the car and had a chance to paint the foam. On the day, a rocket was attached to the back of each car, and was raced. 

Here is a report from our car designers:

"We used a Micro:bit to measure the speed of the car across a certain distance. Our car 'KAM' had an average speed of 38.7767 miles per hour. We have qualified for the regionals and are very excited for the upcoming events. This was an amazing experience and all of year 7 really enjoyed it." Kiera, Amber and Mags Year 7