Thursday 1 March 2018: SCHOOL OPEN

School is open

TGS will be open today for any students and staff able to attend safely taking account of local conditions and your travel arrangements. Those attending school are advised to be very cautious when walking to the school and around the site due to icy conditions.

In light of the exceptionally cold weather students must wear warm practical clothing suitable to the conditions including warm jumpers and coats and sturdy footwear. Students are NOT required to wear school uniform.

School will start at the usual time but we understand if students arrive late due to travel disruption. We will close at 2.45 pm to allow more time for students to journey home.

Parents should note that conditions on Deakin Leas, Baltic Road and other roads neighbouring the school are likely to be treacherous. We would not recommend attempting vehicle access to the School. We recommend that students are dropped in Tonbridge centre and make their way on foot in light of this and staff park in Tonbridge and walk up to the School. Please note the car park has not been cleared as footpaths have been the priority .

Students should be aware that not all staff will be able to attend school due to the weather and local travel conditions. We cannot guarantee all classes will go ahead as scheduled. Students are advised to bring work for independent study.

We are unable to guarantee a canteen service today due to disruption to deliveries and potential shortage of staff. Students should bring a packed lunch.

We will continue to monitor conditions and public transport during the day. Should we decide that we need to close earlier than 2.45pm then the School will send out an email to all parents, put a message on the website and update Kent School Closures. Please check for the message before contacting the School.

If you decide that local conditions require your child to leave before the end of the School day we understand and will accommodate this. Please email to confirm your wish for your child to be released and indicate their means of transport home (e.g collect by car etc). All students must sign out at Reception. We will only permit students to leave where we have email confirmation of your permission for them to leave.

All absence supported by parental confirmation that the reason for absence is the current weather conditions will be authorised.