'Fun into Food' Workshop at TGS

On Friday 26th January, Chartwells presented a 'Ready Steady Cook!' display for Year 7 and 8 students. They began by telling the students a bit about food, going into detail about why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the different food groups. Then they put on a cooking competition where two teams had a set amount of time to cook a healthy meal to be tasted and judged. Here is what some Year 8 students said about taking part: 

"I would like to say a very big 'Thank You' to the Chartwells team who put on a cooking display for us last Friday. It was excellent! I couldn't believe it when I got chosen to cook on stage in front of the whole Year 8! At first it was a little bit intimidating because I didn't really realize what I had to do but after I found out, I couldn't wait because I love cooking! I thought it was a very beneficial experience, not only for me but for the whole year, because we learnt lots about how to stay healthy and how to cook healthy meals. The cooking experience was also very fun because the Chartwells staff also got some of the teachers involved! There were two teams (my team - the red team - and the green team) which included a teacher and two students. Each team had a different healthy meal to cook in just 15 minutes which then had to be tasted by some of the audience. The audience also got to watch the cooking step by step through the big mirrors that were brought in so everyone could see what we were doing on stage. In the end, everyone got to vote for the winners which turned out to be the red team. Overall, I thought Chartwells did an amazing display for us and I am very glad I got to take part in it!"

Emma, Year 8

"I really enjoyed taking part in the ready steady cook display with Chartwells. I thought it was a very valuable experience and I took on board some very valuable advice. Firstly, when we entered the hall at the start of the display we were given a very interesting lecture by Chartwells about how important it was to have breakfast because it supplied you with all your energy for the day. Also, I learnt how one of your five a day only counts if it fits in a cupped hand. I also really appreciated the way that Chartwells presented the event, getting volunteers up on stage to help with the explanations really helped the fun atmosphere. When I was first picked to do the 'Ready Steady Cook!' I didn't really know what it was, or what I had been asked to do. When I found out I was petrified about going up to cook (an area where I have not much expertise) in front of the whole of Year 8, especially because I only joined TGS this year so I knew next to no people. However, the reality was really fun and the Chartwells staff were so nice and helpful. I learnt how to fold a burrito! It was a really fun and useful experience that I am really grateful I had the opportunity to take part in."

Cordy, Year 8

"Chartwells, our caterers, offered TGS a workshop in a 'Ready, Steady, Cook' format to educate students to eat healthy and balanced diets, incorporating a cook-off between 2 teams of students from each of year 7 and 8. 

On Friday 26th of January, Chef James demonstrated all about healthy eating and to inspire TGS students to have fun with food. In the morning, Year 8 assembled together to meet Chef James in the Mitchener Hall. He talked all about different food groups getting everyone involved but making sure we all learnt something. For example, I learnt that the right amount of fruit and vegetables you should eat is one of your hands cupped into a cup shape, full of fruit and veg. You should be having this five times a day. He also talk about how breakfast is really important to you as it builds up all your energy for the day. 

Later in the assembly there was a cooking competition between two staff and four TGS students. I had the chance to be one of those students. This meant we had to cook a healthy, fun, colourful dish, following instructions and having only 15 minutes to complete it. I have to say that I was a quite nervous, but it turned out to be really fun. Being on the Red Team, we cooked a Thai green curry with rice while the Green Team cooked bean burritos with a salsa. Chef James helped us by making sure we all knew how to be safe around sharp knives and hot pans. He asked other TGS students up on the stage to have a look at how we were all doing while we cooked. The 15 minutes went very quickly, meaning I had to cut onions very fast (as well as being safe). Our rice took longer to cook than we expected; however we all worked together to produce a really tasty meal. 

It has definitely encouraged me to think a lot more about my fruit and vegetable quantity, making me realise how important it is to have some present at every meal. Before this I cooked at home a lot with my Mum, but this has made me even more confident to try new things and to be more aware that they are healthy as well. 

(I would also like to add that the Red Team won! Although I thought both teams deserved it.)"

Maddie, Year 8

"During the assembly, a head chef came in to teach us how to keep a balanced diet. The competition consisted of two teams of two- the red and green team. We were asked to cook a dish in 15 minutes including all parts of the food chart. This was quite a challenge but we ended up winning although it was a very close result! 

This taught us that we don't have to buy ready-made meals (which are unhealthy and a waste of money) as we can make them from scratch at home in less than 15 minutes! In addition, we now know the foods that are unhealthy for us and will help us keep a balanced diet in the future" 

Harriet and Nicole, Year 7