A day at the 'United Nations' for aspiring diplomats

As part of Tonbridge Grammar School’s focus on ensuring young people are ‘real world ready’, Year 12 students Amelia and Emily had the opportunity to become diplomats for the day at the 2018 Model United Nations Competition in Tunbridge Wells.

They were delighted to be awarded ‘Highly Commended for work in Refugees and Migrants Category’ for India and ‘Best Delegate on the International Security Committee’ for Israel.

Emily reports:

On the 30th November 2018, delegates from all across the world (well county, but with international views) gathered together at the Assembly Halls. TGS had the task of representing the USA, Israel and India in the Refugee and Migrants Council, Environment Council and Security Council. 

To start off the day, all countries gathered in the main hall. Opening speeches, ranging from the humorous to deadly serious, were given by each country. After a quick photo, it was onto the individual committee debates. As the Security representative for Israel, the committee was full of intense debate. All of the delegates were knowledgeable, and the chairs had a tough time keeping the debates to the time limit.

After this, the emergency resolution was issued. Certain countries went down the diplomatic route, while others decided that bribes were the way forward. This final debate had a particular focus on human rights and numerous countries were called upon to justify their actions.

Before we left, the chairs gave their closing remarks and the awards to delegates were presented. Throughout the debates, we had to respond to other delegates while also ensuring our knowledge was as current as possible, which took some delicate multi-tasking! The lead up to MUNGA contained a lot of hard work, planning and organisation which in turn allowed us to develop skills in research, communication and presentation.

As someone who aspires to become a diplomat, all of these qualities will be invaluable in the future and MUNGA has demonstrated how rewarding yet challenging diplomacy is.