Congratulations to our Year 7 engineers!

Congratulations to our Year 7 team who won the First Lego League 2018 Kent & Medway Judges’ Award in the world’s largest research and robotics tournament at the University of Kent.

The 10-strong team built, tested and programmed an autonomous robot to solve certain tasks on a special playing field. In addition, they worked together to research and develop an innovative solution to the problem of space junk.

Mr Owen, Computer Science Subject Leader, comments “We’re very proud of the students’ success, especially as the award recognises the team’s strong problem-solving aptitude. Well done! This is just one of the many ways that students can be involved in STEM from a very early stage in their TGS journey”.

Team members commented “ Overall we had a fantastic day learning about what it could be like if we were to want to be an engineer in the future!”

Participants Isabel, Amber and Beatrice report on their day:

 “When we arrived, we went straight to our first competition round, where we had lots of fun seeing our robot’s programming come to life on the competition table. We had a short break then went to give our presentation on the problems of space junk and how to solve it. We had loads of fun showing our presentation to the judges and answering their questions! We had another round at the competition tables and we learnt from our mistakes last time and improved a lot. It was time for lunch where we discussed what we would be doing after, we were very excited! After a quick lunch we went to the teamwork challenge, which was building a model, just from half of the team's description. We nearly finished the model as time went, only with one mistake, at the bottom of the model. We had lots of fun working as a team!

 After all the excitement of the competition it was time to find out how we did. We went in knowing we had very tough competition, but we tried our absolute best. We sat down at our table with a lot of other schools. The announcer called the first trophy for the programming the robot, the team who scored the most points. Then it was the trophy for the best presentation about the problem of space junk and how we can solve it. The third trophy was awarded for teamwork and key principles which could be achieved by making a Lego model from the other half of the team’s description. The fourth trophy was the judges’ award for a team that improvises and overcomes a difficult situation. When the announcer called us up we couldn’t believe it! We were all so happy it was a real effort to contain ourselves for the duration of the speech. We were all soo excited on the way home in the bus, as well as our trophy all the teams got medals and certificates to keep. It was a great experience for everyone on the team!”