Tunbridge Wells MUNGA 2017


The UN came to Tunbridge Wells for a day of heated debate and international diplomacy. Tunbridge Wells Mayor, Julia Soyke and the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council hosted sixth formers from a dozen local schools, who gathered to discuss UN reform, the rights of indigenous people, and international conflict. 

Students acted as delegates for thirty-three countries ranging from Australia to Yemen, showing tremendous skill in researching their countries' position and speaking up for their own interests. Tonbridge Grammar School pupils spoke from the perspectives of India, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. The delegates from Saudi Arabia were also greatly challenged in the afternoon's 'Emergency Resolution' session by defending the country's involvement in the Humanitarian Crisis currently unfolding in Yemen. 

Year 12 Daisy reflected on the day: "MUNGA was an incredible opportunity! It was really interesting to become more involved in current affairs and to debate this as though we were delegates at the UN. I really enjoyed the day itself as it was fast paced and you had to think on your feet making it an engaging and stimulating experience. The day was not short of humour as rivalries and alliances between the countries developed rapidly, creating some note-worthy and heated debates. It was also a great opportunity to be able to meet people from other schools. I have made many new friendships from this day and have become closer to people from my own team. It was an amazing experience for me and it has inspired me to look into diplomacy as a career option. Furthermore I think that this day really embodied the community ethos of the school and allowed me to develop vital skills in public speaking, reasoning and networking. I also strongly feel that it has made me a more aware and compassionate citizen."