Tonbridge Grammar School awarded Bronze Certificate by the Incorporated Society of Musicians

Tonbridge Grammar School has been awarded the ISM / ISM Trust’s Bronze Certificate. This means that more than 10% of all the school’s GCSE students achieved an A* to C in GCSE music last year.

‘We are delighted for our hard working music teachers: those teaching in the classroom or working as instrumental and vocal teachers here. They are putting everything into delivering musical opportunities for young people in our school and the local community.’

‘We promote a strong music curriculum and co-curricular experience at TGS so it is good to get external recognition of this.' Assistant Head Teacher Adrian Pitts said.

Deborah Annetts, Chief Executive of the ISM – the professional body for musicians – congratulated the school, saying:

We are delighted to recognise Tonbridge Grammar’s achievement in music and celebrate the commitment to music education shown by the school in their high uptake and high achievement of pupils
Music is a valuable subject, it brings value in itself to pupils as well as supporting achievement in other subjects. Music also opens doors and generates educational opportunities for pupils from all backgrounds. We are delighted that Tonbridge Grammar School values music within their school curriculum and as the professional body for musicians and a subject association for music education, we are delighted to recognise this high level of achievement with this certificate.


The certificate is awarded by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and the ISM Trust ( ).