Sussex Road Visit

Last term as part of the Year 10 Drama and Music CAS, student created a Theatre in Education piece. Students worked together to put on a performance of Varjak Paw, the ninja cat.

On Tuesday the 21 March students got the opportunity to take this piece into Sussex Road Primary school, where they performed to an audience of year 4 students. Alongside this the students worked in four groups to carry out workshops with the children, these included: learning the ways of the elder paw, ninja splat, learning the gangs' dance moves and creating atmospheric music. The performance and workshops went down a storm, with students getting involved in all aspects including chanting along, reminding Varjak of the ways of the elders to defeat the gentleman and dancing with the actors for the finale.

A Teacher at Sussex Road had this to say about the morning, “It’s lovely to see students that may not normally get involved enjoying and participating in new activities.” A reminder of the power of the arts and the influence creativity can have on students of all ages.

This term Drama and Music students will once again be working collaboratively on a devised performance, this will be performed to Year 7 students.