2017 Kent Micro:bit model rocket car Race HUB @ Tonbridge Grammar School 15th March 2017

The “Race for the Line” BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition encourages pupils aged 11 to 16 to work together to make a foam rocket car powered by a small solid fuel rocket motor, and pit it against rival teams. Our Year 7s recently took part:

It was AMAZING making and watching our rocket car race across the netball courts. We started off with only a block of blue foam and in the end we managed to shape it into a torpedo that ran at 41.3 miles per hour! The atmosphere was great fun and quite tense as we had many good rocket cars competing and we didn’t think that we would win- the feeling was just so exhilarating! We have to say thanks to Mr Owen (our digital design teacher) who introduced us to this awesome club and helped shape our rocket car; Lighting Strike. It was so much fun seeing our project streaking though the netball court. I would encourage more girls to participate - the hands-on experience is not one you would want to miss. I have to repeat that it was totally AMAZING but next year we are aiming for gold and we are already thinking of ways to improve. We hope there will be more girls joining next year and we speak for everyone who competed when we say we are going to try and get year 7’s from next year to have a go. It is a friendly challenge, welcoming everyone. Go TGS!
— Kundanasri, Hope and Venya Year 7

Teams compete at open race days at one of 120 regional Race HUBs (TGS is one of those HUBs this year). Students have to prove just how fast their car is travelling, using the BBC micro:bit to capture data on a car's speed, then upload it to a computer.

Team use that data to tweak and experiment with car design hoping they might  have a champion machine in the making!

Participating teams learnt about Newton’s 3rd law of motion, physics, engineering, chassis design, how rockets work, teamwork, time keeping and most crucially, mathematics to calculate the speed attained.

News article written by: Kundanasri, Hope and Venya