Year 8 ski trip 10 – 18 February

On 10 February 2017, 87 students travelled by coach to Flachau, Austria for our ski trip. After a 23 hour journey we were very pleased to get off the coach to play in the snow outside our Hotel Jugendsportheim Hanneshof Familie Stadler.

With two ski lessons each day with qualified instructors, we had a very exciting time and learned lots of new things. Skiing was great and by the third day we were all up on the mountain. Tubing was a fun experience – especially doing it with our friends. The ski instructors were very kind and we formed a great bond with them over the 8 day trip.

Each day, after skiing, we had many fun activities to do such as the Lucky Flitzer ride and going to an ice hockey match. We both enjoyed the Lucky Flitzer very much. Ice hockey was quite scary as pucks flew towards your face but luckily there was a panel protecting you. We also went to the thermal swimming baths that had cool slides and wave machine.

It was really fun to go up the mountain everyday as the view was breath-taking. Taking the ski lift and the gondolas wasn’t as scary as we first thought. It was a lovely experience to share with our friends. Everyone enjoyed the trip – even the lengthy coach trip!

The teachers were very supportive and it was fun to be woken up on our birthday by them with a birthday song and balloons – even if it was a bit early!

Overall, we had an amazing and memorable time and can’t wait to go skiing again.

Articke witten by Hannah and Grace (Year 8)